Great shoulder tattoo ideas

Wondering about a shoulder tattoo design? In this article, you will find multiple inspirations that may hep you decide what to get tattooed on your shoulder.

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September 6 2021

To get a tattoo on your shoulder is an excellent idea since the shoulder offers a lot of space to work with, the tattoo seems completed, and it can be easily hidden if needed. This body part offers versatile design opportunities due to its mobility and body place. It can become anything you like - it can frame your body, elevate your look to another level by incorporating exciting fragments, or it can complement an already existing tattoo sleeve. What is even better, the placement offers less susceptibility to age changes since the skin on your shoulders is elastic with little to no wrinkles in the future and is relatively easy to take care of yourself! Just pop some sunscreen whenever it is exposed, and you’re good to go!


If you’re sold on the idea of shoulder tattoos, this article will provide you with some inspiration.


Flower design 


A very delicate design that lays beautifully on the shoulder is one featuring flowers. It has become quite popular throughout the years. There is no question why - different flowers can mean and represent different values and, hence, represent many people’s attributes. Not to mention, the flower aesthetic is timeless and decorative. You just cannot go wrong with beautifully assorted flowers.

tattoo shoulder flower design female





Topping the charts of quite popular tattoo designs to put on your shoulder and upper arm are portraits! The shoulder provides a round shape that compliments the design so lovely. The upper arm and shoulder give a perfect canvas for the portrait. 

tattoo idea on shoulder portrait


Realistic skin rips


If you ever wanted to get that edgy skin rip tattoo, this is your chance. The shoulder skin rip tattoo is excellent for conveying not what is underneath your skin but what is not always visible when it comes to you. The skin rip can symbolise all of the hardships you made through and still are here standing with your head held up high and more capable than ever. It is truly a statement piece.

tattoo idea shoulder skin rips men



Another quite iconic concept to get tattooed on your shoulder and upper arm is animal design. Popular picks are eagles, bears, and tigers. To elevate your animal tattoo, you might opt to get it done in an oriental style. Tattoos that are done in that style look like complete pieces and a magnificent art piece. 

tattoo idea shoulder animals bird lady


Mandala or geometric style


Utilising the geometry and form of your shoulder, mandala, and geometric tattoos can change how your shoulder is framed. This is because these styles use intricate placement and detailing as a given of their type to elevate and adapt to the body part being tattooed. They can be seen as body decor that looks like it was there since the dawn of time.

tattoo idea shoulder mandala geometric style



If you would like a mandala or a geometric-like tattoo, but they seem not for you, you might consider getting a tribal tattoo. In comparison, tribal tattoos are a bit more flowing and have a natural feel to them. Tribal tattoos can be designed in a compact and condensed form or more spread out. It all depends on you and the artist you find. Similarly to mandala and geometric tattoos, they tend to complement the body nicely wherever they are placed.

tattoo ideas shoulder tribal man

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