Great styles to choose for your back tattoo

Back tattoos are more than a statement piece. They can speak about who you are, what you care about, and what your aesthetic is. In this guide, find out tattoo styles that are best suited for the back.

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October 2 2021

Back tattoos are a statement piece. They stand out by their size, style, and incredible detail. Tattoos are generally great for self-expression, but back tattoos top it all, with their ability to portray due to a large canvas. There are great styles to choose from if you’re thinking about getting one. Just a few more popular types are reviewed below.


Irezumi style tattoos


Little people know that Irezumi is the Japanese word for tattoo. Naturally, it would then be referred to as a Japanese style of tattooing. The style itself is quite iconic - it has a certain aesthetic appeal that could be noticed anywhere. However, before getting a traditional Irezumi tattoo, one should note the extensive history behind it. The tattoo scene in Japan is old and intertwined with tradition. 

Finding a tattoo artist fluent in the traditional style might be a bit tough, but deviations from the style and individual styles inspired by the Irezumi are more frequent. The start of the Irezumi style is most often done freehand, outlining the design. The designs look the best on a big canvas, so a back tattoo is an excellent choice for one. The bold and solid colours in the finished product tend to age well without altering the tattoo’s image, making Irezumi tattoos a superb choice for a tattoo that will last a while.

iruzemi style tattoo back



Hyperrealistic tattoos


Yet another tattoo style that is simply breathtaking is the hyperrealistic style. The designs and execution are guaranteed to leave everyone mesmerised. Completely customisable, the design is created with the artist’s attention and the client’s requests. Still, finding a tattoo artist who is well versed in the style might be a bit challenging. The style requires a lot of attention to detail and expertise, making the tattooing process quite long. Despite the length of inking, getting a back tattoo in the hyperrealistic style is worth it. Since the back is a large area, the artist is given space for detail and precision, making it an impressive art piece. However, it should be noted that the aging process of hyperrealistic tattoos might not be as good as in other styles. The shades of black fade differently, so you might need to book in some extra sessions with your artist throughout the years.



hyperrealistic tattoo back


Mandala tattoos


For those who love order and symmetry, mandala tattoos are the one and only! They offer astounding detail and balance, which compliments the form of the back beautifully. Every piece is unique so that you would be walking around with a one of a kind piece. Moreover, if you will sometimes choose to build on the tattoo, there is ample potential to do so. Developing the mandala around is an excellent way to build up your back tattoo through the years, so you wouldn’t have to sit under the needle for so long for the image to look good. 

Serving not only for aesthetic purposes but mandalas can also mean an array of different things. Usually, they support or represent some sort of religious following or belief about the universe. 

mandala tattoo back



Blackout tattoos


Last but not least is the blackout style of tattoos. They usually are a bit larger, as in cover all of the back area, but they are complete works. The process of getting a blackout tattoo might be a bit longer than any other tattoo. This is because the artist has to develop the whole design and execute it, which because of the style, demands a lot of ink strokes. The tattoos are often bold and solid, making them practically immune to aging, as the colour will fade in the same sequence, and only a little bit of blur will be visible.

mandala tattoo lady tattoo back tattoo


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