How to choose a tattoo artist?

A guide that will help you choose a tattoo artist. It covers various points to consider when choosing the best tattooist for you - location, background, prestige, completed work

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June 16 2021

Choosing a tattoo artist might be the most crucial part when it comes to your tattoo journey. If you’re just starting with your tattoo journey, they might be the decider for you regarding your overall tattoo world experience. From the design to the healing process, the tattooist can influence it all. Because of this, it is essential to research and choose your next tattooist with caution. To make that decision, you can consider various points, but the most decisive aspect depends on your situation.


The background of the tattoo artist


It is fair to say that every artist has a specific aesthetic, influences, and experience. All of them influence how tattoos are designed, done, and eventually healed. For those who haven’t yet got a design in mind, scrolling through various artists’ portfolios are a great way to be inspired and find an artist for you. For those who have already settled on a design conception, you ought to aim to match the image with the artist’s aesthetic and experience for the best possible result. Sometimes, it happens when a customer wants a particular design, but it might not match the artist’s tattooing experience. This can result in execution below expectations since that specific style is not the tattooist’s specialty. 

Moreover, taking into account, the technique is essential! Some tattoo artists only specialise in only hand-poked tattoos. This type of technology limits the designs exponentially but also may reduce the healing process. So, taking into account the tattoo artist’s background is crucial to a good experience!

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Completed tattoos can say a lot about the tattooist


To ensure the future tattoo’s longevity, you might need to scour their portfolio for healed work. It is the only indicator of how well the tattoo artist’s work heals. Things to look for in healed work include fading and colour change. When the tattoo is fresh, the colours tend to be bolder, but as the tattoo heals and settles in, the tattoo softens. 

Healed tattoos are a great way to see how experienced and good the artist is. Often it is not the time in the industry that matters, but rather the quality of tattoos that the tattoo artist manages to produce. More often than not, you can find newcomers with around one year of experience delivering very high-quality tattoos!

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Tattoo artist’s prestige


Yet another thing to consider is the tattoo artist’s prestige. This, more often than not, determines the price range and the waiting list. When going to a well-renowned tattoo artist, you can expect the design quality and exclusivity, on top of that, some guarantee of tattoo quality. However, this often translates into a relatively high price per hour and a waiting list. It is up to you to decide whether or not it is worth it.

Some people go to famous artists to have high-quality bespoke art. In the case of already having a specific design in mind, you can consider opting out for a less well-known artist that specialises in the design style. Quite often, you can receive similar quality work with a smaller price tag and shorter waitlist!




Last but not least, location is something to consider. It could be that local tattoo artists do not fit your aesthetic or requirements. When that happens, you might consider driving to another city for a tattoo. If you’re simply not the traveling type, most tattoo studios have regular guest tattoo artists. Using that opportunity to gain a tattoo made by a tattooist with an international reputation or presence is a great way to find talent outside where you are.

Secondly, when discussing location, it is vital to consider the place you will be getting your tattoo. Make sure that the artist operates in a sanitary environment and using sanitary equipment. Moreover, when you come in for a consultation, see if the tattoo artist’s work atmosphere is comfortable and relaxing for you. Depending on the tattoo, you might spend quite a bit of time there, and being tense will not help deal with the pain.

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