Inspiring studios in North London worth getting tattooed in

A list of notable tattoo shops in North London. We look at the tattoo parlours’ artists, styles, piercers, and other offered services.

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January 10 2022

North London fosters not only beautiful architecture and culture but exquisite tattoo studios as well. Many have unique starting stories, environments, award-winning artists, and exemplary reputation. With such talented bunch concentrated in North London, there is no denying it is hard to choose where to go. In this article, you can find studios that caught our eye.

Southgate SG Tattoo & Piercing Studio

Southgate tattoo is the only studio in the Southgate area. In it, you will find a newly renovated environment, kept clean and up to sanitary standards at all times. On top of that, you will find a great team of six resident artists and a very welcoming owner Victor Hook. Oscar Carrozzo, an Italian tattoo artist, is specialising in dotwork geometry, and portrait, but in his portfolio, you can find some cartoon-like pieces and realism ones. The next resident artist is Nermin Sigirtmac - in her collection, most frequent and delicate tattoos are involving animals or flowers. Ednardo Ziani, on the other hand, focuses more on realism and larger scale tattoos. The pieces are black and grey, while some are coloured. On top of that, he has tattooing experience for over ten years. Just like Ednardo, Roudolf specialises in realism tattoos as well, bringing incredible portraits to life. And the last two resident artists - Nicoletta and Ivo - stand out with their tendencies to lean back on the traditional aesthetics when tattooing. Nicoletta’s tattoos tend to be more vibrant in colour, with shading made from various techniques. In contrast, Ivo’s tattoos can be seen to have been influenced by more styles, such as traditional Japanese and neo-traditional. This talented group of individuals strives to create a welcoming, filled with care and attention environment.

On top of that, this studio offers piercing services and a range of jewelry to choose from. And if you’re not sure about what design you want to get, this studio offers a unique experience - lucky dip machine - where you get a random tattoo design tattooed for 100 pounds if you’re keen to test your luck, head on over to Southgate, North London.



Xotica Tattoo company

Xotica Tattoo company is a tattoo studio specialising in unique custom pieces. Established in 2000, and newly renovated with customer hygiene and comfort in mind, it is regarded as an award-winning studio with the resident tattooist - Rakhee Shah - bringing in multiple awards and mentions. With many accolades and publication features, including ‘Best Female Artist,’ 2012, a ‘Tattoo Master’ magazine tutorial in 2013, and also being sponsored by Dermalize aftercare and a retailer of the world famous product, she inevitably attracted a lot of attention to herself and the studio. Rakhee mainly specialises in abstract realism tattoos. The other resident tattoo artist is Yasmin, who focuses on neotraditional and linework tattoo styles. Her work is often bold and colourful, yet you can find some ornamental designs in her portfolio. Last but not least, there is another artist named Kayleigh, who is currently an apprentice. She is keen on realism and neo-traditionalism, and in her social media, you can find lovely pieces of art featuring animals, flowers, and brilliant tattoo sketches.

You can find this studio in North Finchley in the North of London.




Parliament tattoo

This studio can confidently say it's one of a kind. It is run in an old 1800's factory building but now transformed into a tattoo studio. Even though Parliament tattoo is a run family business, it is far from small. There are fifteen resident tattooists, two apprentices, and on top of that, there are visiting artists. The resident artists have various styles, from dotwork, mandala, realism to neo-traditionalism, traditionalism, and illustrative tattoos. There is Mishla, whose tattoo style resembles medieval illustrations, and the themes often fit the style from the standout artists. Then there is Kamila Daisy, who does brilliant work with mandalas and incorporating them onto the body. And Woozy machine, who does superb illustrative comic-like designs that bring a message, filled with irony, or are simply inspiring a good mood.

The tattoo studio itself is designed quite simplistically - open space, two-toned environment. This kind of set up lets the work speak for itself and let the creativity flow. You can find Parliament Tattoo hidden in Finsbury Park, North London.

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