Tattoo ideas to get on your arm

Are you wondering about what tattoo would look good on your arm? This guide is the one for you!

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July 19 2021

An arm is an excellent place to get a tattoo. It offers diversity for designs, a tattoo can be easy to hide or showcase, and depending on the area where you’re getting your tattoo, it might be not painful at all. All in all, the arm is an excellent choice for a tattoo. The only thing left is to decide what design you want on your arm.


Wrist tattoos


Now bear in mind, this is quite a painful area, but oh my, how sentimental it can be! The wrist is a place to get small tattoos, like numbers, names, or minimal design. Things like birth dates, wedding dates, or even death dates are excellent for this area since it is often visible, and therefore, can hold a function of a sentimental memory piece. The same logic goes for names or single words. There isn’t much space for full sentences, so be sure to choose words that speak for themselves. Great examples of that are a relative’s name, a word that has followed you around in your life (for me, it would be pathos), or something you have aimed for most of your life (ex. fearlessness). Other than words or dates, there are designs. The wrist is an excellent place for you to get a small but significant tattoo. A while ago, there was a trend going on of getting semicolon tattoos on your wrist. This is because the semicolon represents mental health struggles and the importance of suicide prevention. Any kind of design that you might feel a connection to is great to have there. 


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Forearm tattoos


Forearm tattoos are a great place to get a design that might be a bit longer. A great example of this would be a script tattoo. It could cover most of the area beautifully. Just consider what kind of word or words would resonate with you the most. Then, there are floral tattoos. They often seem quite delicate if done in fine line and are splendid decorative additions that do not need to hold any significant value. Other than those designs, if you’re looking for a forearm tattoo, bear in mind that extended tattoos look great there.


tattoo forearm lady


Upper arm tattoos


If you’re considering an upper arm tattoo, you have to answer this question first - are you planning on getting more tattoos or considering getting a sleeve? This question is crucial since it can dictate what kind of tattoo design you ought to get. If you plan on getting more tattoos, you should consider a tattoo that would be relatively easy to incorporate, so you wouldn’t have to worry about covering it up. A tattoo with clear borders and a theme is a go-to here—for example, a star, a flower, a guitar, or a clock. But if you’re on the other side of the spectrum and planning on getting a single tattoo, the sky is the limit here. What kind of design pops into your head, go for it. Tattoos like portraits are great for the upper arm. Then there are traditional tattoos, any design could fit the place nicely. And last but not least any illustrative design fit wonderfully there!


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Full arm tattoos/sleeves


If you are consider a full sleeve, the best bet for you is first to choose a tattoo artist (If you are wondering how to do that, there is a guide posted) and think what kind of images or meanings you want the tattoo to portray. Having an honest and thorough conversation with your tattoo artist will give you many ideas and most likely yield the end result that you will be happy with.


Last things last, whatever design you decide on, it is essential that you consider these things for your tattoo to be a decoration on your body that you will cherish forever. You have to consider if the design compliments your arm. Think of your arm as a canvas, and your tattoo as the painting. Does your tattoo fit in the canvas? Does it compliment its’ movements? Then, consider whether the tattoo will be visible, and if you want it like that. Next, think if the design is something you will not regret in the future. Names and portraits may lose your interest with time, so if you are afraid that will happen, consider getting a tattoo that is a bit vaguer. That way, you can change the meaning of your tattoo if you wish.

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