The best tattooists in Bristol

We cover the best tattooists in Bristol, detailing their styles, and noting their backgrounds. Simply a guide to finding the best tattoo artists in Bristol.

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August 18 2021

Bristol - a city in the southwest of England, known for its history, nowadays transformed into being a cultural hub, and let’s not forget about its’ brilliant nightlife. Although, in our opinion, Bristol has another thing to be proud of - its tattoo artists. Capable of many styles, but often found specialising in specific, this city offers a great variety of one of the best tattooists to choose from for the tattoo enthusiast. 




With a fantastic reputation in Bristol, Ozzy might be the best option for you to go to if you’re looking for a well-renowned tattooist. This Bristol tattoo artist has over 30 years of experience, so his tattoos are always well-executed. He is most famous for his traditional Japanese tattoos, which are most often very large. On his Instagram, the tattoos start from a sleeve or a palm-sized design to a full-body composition. In essence, with this Bristol tattooist, you could get a yakuza type of tattoo, if you wanted to. But unlike most artists who offer Japanese style tattoos, Ozzy, presumably because of his experience, can provide a more flexible design - include animals, people into arrangements more naturally. On top of that, he can well adapt all the design parts into the needed aesthetic.

If Ozzy offers something you look for, you can find him tattooing in Skin Deep on West Street in Bristol.

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Michal Grabowski


Have a specific tattoo in mind and just cannot be bothered with finding a tattooist specialising in a particular style? Michal Grabowski has your back. With a tattoo studio opened in 2016 just for specific customer requests, Michal has been getting only satisfied customers. Some styles in his portfolio include watercolour, traditional, black and gray, and surrealism. Most exceptional of his works are portraits that are shaded in a way that makes them hyper-realistic and barely indistinguishable from the reference photo. So, the only limit to this artist is the imagination.

You can find this one of the best artists in the Inkubator Parlour on Eart Street in Bristol. Keep in mind that the studio is permanently closed on the weekends, and primarily works in the first half of the day.

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Kristian Passmore


Inking in the city centre of Bristol is the one and only Kristian Passmore. Different from the artists presented before, Kristian has a lot of experience in tattooing geometric mandala designs and dot work. Taking into account that this tattoo artist has been tattooing now for the best part of a decade, his geometric designs are immaculate and complicated, bringing the whole design to another level. It could be said that most of his work is inspired by nature, though the artist features some graphic novel inspired pieces along with more traditional and bold styles. If you’re not sure what kind of tattoo to get, we have no doubt that this artist has a few humourous or more traditional flash designs to choose from.

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Rj Lenox


Originally from Mexico City, Rj Lenox is an artist of many influences and international experience. In his eight years of tattooing, he has worked in his hometown and several studios worldwide. On top of his tattooing experience, Rj has experience in classical painting and drawing, which influence can be seen in his tattoo pieces as well. 

Because of his background, Lenox is the best tattooist in Bristol to look for if you seek a one of a kind tattoo design. Specialising in black and grey realism, Rj delivers breathtaking emotional pieces that usually feature a modified portrait. On top of that, he can bring any design that he touches to life with his shading techniques, making him a serious contender for the title of best tattooist in Bristol. Although most of the artist’s work is done in black and grey, colour can be seen in some of his pieces. 

If you fancy getting a tattoo from him, check out No Regrets tattoo parlour located in the very heart of Bristol. 

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