What kind of tattoo with a name is the best for me?

Name tattoos are a great way to show your appreciation and love! What is the best approach to them? Find out in this guide.

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October 3 2021

If you’ve already decided that you want a tattoo with a name but just can’t figure out what kind of design it would fit, this is the guide for you. Names can hold a lot of meaning for us, making them one of the best tattoos with meaning that you might want to get to your collection. Whether it is a loved one’s name, a fictional character’s, or just a name that holds a lot of meaning for you, there is a way to portray it the best. 


A traditional tattoo style heart


Whenever name tattoos come to mind, a vision of the traditional style pierced heart with a name flowing over it appears. It’s a classic design for your name tattoo needs. It has come to a point where the design is iconic and can be recognised everywhere. If anyone sees the tattoo, there is no need to explain - everybody knows that the person’s name is close to your heart. 

tattoo ideas tattoo heart girl

Text style tattoos


A more simplistic way of portraying a name on your body is using the text style. It is an excellent solution if you just want the tattoo with a name. Utilising a script style can make your tattoo feel unique and elevate it higher than a simple name tattoo. For best results, have a lookout for a tattoo artist that specialises in text style tattoos. They can mend and bend the letters so beautifully that it no longer is just a name - it becomes an incredible work of art.

tattoo ideas tattoo text on had man

Incorporating the name into the design


Incorporating the name into some kind of illustration can add to the tattoo’s sentimental value. To figure out what type of image would fit the best, think about what type of association you have with the name, what type of activity or photo comes to mind. Talk it over with your chosen tattoo artist. They might find a way to incorporate the illustration into the name! That way can get a more flowing tattoo, which complements the body part and the name beautifully. 

On the other hand, if you ever decide that having the original tattoo on your body is not as great as it once were, you can always opt to have a cover-up tattoo. Building on an existing illustration might be more comfortable than covering up a portrait or a bold script tattoo. 

tattoo ideas tatoo name in style




Finally, an excellent design for a tattoo with a name is a portrait tattoo with a title underneath. It is a perfect choice for those who want to immortalise their loved ones’ names and presence. They give a sense of memory and sentiment, which often carries a bit more weight than your usual name tattoo. Finding a great portrait tattoo artist or an artist that makes realistic tattoos is the best way to ensure superb execution. Check out their portfolios, look for healed work, and don’t be shy to ask questions!

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