What’s the best tattoo cover-up design?

Had a bad tattoo experience and now you're thinking of ways to get rid of the tattoo? In this guide you will find everything you might want to consider before getting a cover up tattoo.

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July 12 2021

We’ve all been there - whether it is an action we regret doing, a commitment we’ve bailed at the last minute, or changed our mind about a tattoo we got done. Luckily for the latter one, there is a way out. If, by any chance, you have committed to a tattoo you’re not quite fond of anymore, there are ways out of it. The first one, which might be a bit more costly than the next solution, is to get laser removal. The other option is to get a cover-up tattoo, which in some cases, is the better option to choose because of any financial or aesthetic considerations. So if you decided to get a cover-up tattoo, the only question remains - how to select the best cover-up tattoo design for you?


Your tattoo artist knows best.


When choosing a tattoo artist, it is recommended that you select an artist that has had previous experiences covering up tattoos. That way, you can see the quality of their work, how well they can leave behind any traces of the past. However, this step is not essential if you already have an eye set for a particular tattoo artist. Just make sure that they would accept doing a cover-up tattoo.

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If you’re not sure what kind of tattoo you want to get on top of your current tattoo, your artist is your best friend! They most likely have loads of experience in their field, know what looks good, what doesn’t, so do not be afraid to ask them for advice. During a consultation, you can brainstorm a bunch of ideas with them,  and we are sure that you will come up with a solution that best fits your needs and covers up your old tattoo.


Learning from experience


To avoid regretting a tattoo in the future, it is best to understand why you don’t like the one you have. Is it the meaning, the design, or the execution? When you know why then you can choose appropriately. If it is the meaning, you ink over your tattoo to achieve something that sparks joy for you every time you look at it. Is it the way it was designed? Then talk to your artist, maybe they will suggest altering the tattoo just a little bit, and sometimes a little bit of tweaking here and there can achieve a magnitude of results! If not adding a bit more detail or design, you can still opt to have a cover-up tattoo with a different design.

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Last but not least is the execution. If you’ve had a bad experience, do not worry since a large majority of tattoos that had a lousy completion can be brought back to life with some experienced hands. Little details here and there, some colour revival, and some bolder lines can get you a long way!


What you have may determine what you will get.


This is not what you necessarily want to hear, but it has to be said - what kind of tattoo you can get on top of your current one can be down to what kind of tattoo you want to cover up. Some of the designs can be restrictive to cover-ups. For example, a large tattoo that is predominantly black can be hard to cover up, so your choices might be limited to a blackout type of tattoo or laser removal. However, if you have a tattoo that is a bit more forgiving, you have many choices when it comes to covering it up.


As for the last words of wisdom, I want to emphasise that collaboration with your tattoo artist is the most crucial part if you’re going to have a good experience and no more regrets. Think about what elements you would like to have in your tattoo, and then discuss it with your artists. 

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