Wonderful tattooists in Leeds

As a city filled with art and expression, there is no wonder that is also filled with talented tattooists. In this article, you can take a look at a few handpicked tattoo artists that have made a name for themselves in the city.

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October 3 2021

Leeds is a city that is saturated with art. Leeds seems to be a never-ending source of inspiration from art galleries to street art and music gigs. The same can be said about the city’s tattoo artists. They complement the city’s rich art environment with different styles and aesthetics and give it even more volume. With so many great artists in the city, in this article, you can find an overview of a few of them.


Chris Lambert


A list mentioning incredible tattoo artists based in Leeds would be incomplete without mentioning Chris Lambert. He specialises in high-quality custom tattooing and, on top of that, co-owns a studio in the city centre of Leeds - Snake & Tiger Tattoo. Tattooing in the industry for over a decade, Chris has earned a name for himself that reaches people outside the industry. Collaborating with a brand like Dr. Martens, and tattooing various celebrities like actress Lena Headley from Game of Thrones, Olympic Gold medalist Nicola Adams, premier league footballers, BBC radio DJs, and many more.

Chris has immersed himself into the tattooing world by studying American tattooing’s aesthetics in the early 20th century alongside the influence of Japanese work on Western tattooing. Moreover, this artist holds one of the best collections of early 20h century American tattoo designs in the UK. The avid interest is reflected in Chris’s work as well. As Dr. Matt Lodder, a Lecturer in Contemporary Art in the University of Essex, states, “His work resonates with a deep and sincere love for the traditions within which he works and the source material which provides him with so much inspiration.” As you would expect, this artist’s portfolio largely consists of Western Traditional and Japanese styles. However, some of his work deviates from the styles mentioned above to the black and grey, script, and tribal and blackwork styles. 

If you feel like Chris is the tattoo artist for you, you can find him tattooing in Snake & Tiger.
chris lambert tattoo artist leeds

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Lucy Blue


Lucy is a tattooist with an aesthetic that is not common. Inking in Cobra Club Tattoo, her designs often feature women of demonic nature, portraits, flowers, and pop culture references. It is hard to describe her style using a few words. You would have to see her work by yourself. But if we were to attempt to describe it, the style would be a fusion of comics, pin-ups, and bold lines and colours. Every design in Lucy’s portfolio could be regarded as a statement piece due to the style mentioned earlier attributes and her lovely shading and colouring. Most pieces have a subtle shading outside their designs, which complement the colours and accentuates parts of the desings. Although many pieces are illustrative, some of the tattoos linger towards realism while still maintaining bold lines. 

Lucy Blue is an artist for you if you’re looking for a more alternative tattoo. 


Ruth Rollin


Tattooing with a blackwork style, you can find this fantastic artist working in Red Tattoo, Leeds. Her detail-oriented style makes it perfect for those who would like an illustrative design with subtle shading. The style that Ruth utilises often uses line work and dot work to shade or accentuate a particular design aspect. Most of her portfolio designs are inspired by nature and animals, which fits lovely with her tattooing style. Illustrative designs are given more texture and a particular character to them, making the aesthetic one of a kind and available to execute only by Ruth’s hands.

She is a wonderful artist for those looking for a highly detailed, bold, and rustic tattoo style.

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