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Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully before you start using our platform and before you make and/or accept any bookings and/or share any reviews about your experiences
By using our platform you confirm that you acknowledge and accept these Terms and Conditions regardless of the fact if you have decided to register on our platform or not. Should you disagree with any of the below you must not continue to use our platform.

1. The Platform

1.1 We provide information about fashion, health and well-being for any readers that are seeking more knowledge on this matter.
1.2 We provide people with an opportunity to provide ratings and share reviews of their experiences after booking services for both Tattoo Studio and Tattoo artist.
1.3 We provide Tattoo Studios and Tattoo artists to advertise by uploading their artwork and other information related to their services. Tattoo artists are also eligible to use designated administration space that offers communication, time management, team management and client management services.

2. Information Provided

2.1 The information provided on our platform by you, and you are fully responsible for it. This applies for all including tattoo seekers, studios and artists.
2.2 You are solely responsible for communication between each other whether you represent yourself as a studio, tattoo artist or tattoo seeker. Ink Public do not take responsibility for any conflicts caused by parties.

3. Reviews

3.1 Only genuine users that made reservations using our platform are allowed to comment on their experience providing with a rating and leaving comments for a Tattoo Studio and/or Tattoo Artist.
3.2 Should you wish to leave a review, a unique link will be provided to you no later than 24 hours after your finished visit according to the time of your visit recorded on our platform.
3.3 We reserve the right to remove or adjust reviews if it is decided that it conflicts if transparency or include any of obscenities or reviews which contains the following:
  • Sensitive personal information such as full names, contact details, home address.
  • Personal attacks towards the staff.
  • Politically and racially sensitive comments.
  • Information that promotes other business that has no Terms of Business with us.
  • Any threats, violence, hate speech, sexuality explicit content.

4. Reservations

4.1 You are solely responsible to attend your appointment which is confirmed using our platform. We do not take responsibility if Tattoo Studio or Tattoo Artists refuses to accept you again.
4.2 We do not take responsibility if Tattoo Studio or Artist refuses to allocate you any time to provide your services for any reason whether it is in relation to financials, difficulties to communicate or any other.

5. Changes

5.1 We will provide 14 days’ advance notice for any changes in Terms and Conditions for our registered users. Continued use of the platform will constitute and acknowledgement and agreement for the new Terms and Conditions. If you disagree with our new Terms and Conditions in any form you must immediately stop using our platform.

6. Misuse of our Platform

6.1 You must not misuse our Platform by knowingly introducing viruses, gaining or attempting to gain unauthorised access to the serves to which our Platform is stores or any other database that is related to our Platform.
6.2 Breach of any this might cause being reported as a criminal offence to the relevant law enforcement authorities. In the event of such act, your right to use our Platform will cease immediately.

7. Users

7.1 By using our website and making the reservation you agree that you comply with local laws and suit minimum age requirements of being provided tattoo service on your body.
7.2 Any personal information provided by you int the course of becoming a user will be held and used following the terms of our Privacy Policy.

8. Disclaimer

8.1 Any information kept by us is only for general information purposes and we make no direct representations or warranties.
8.2 In no event we are liable for indirect, direct, incidental or in any way performance of information, products, services and content.

9. Legal Compliance and applicable law

9.1 The English Courts will have non-exclusive jurisdiction over any claim arising from or related to a visit to this Website or use of our Apps. English Law will apply to these Website & App Terms of Use.

10. Contact Us

10.1 Should you have any concerns or queries in relation to material that appears on our platform or any of Terms & Conditions please contact us via email [email protected]
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